Marco Luccio: The Albatross Project

Artist Marco Luccio is spreading a message of love, hope and trust in the City of Melbourne and out to broader communities with ‘The Albatross Project’. During the challenging times of COVID-19 Luccio wanted to reach out to people grappling with the difficulties of the pandemic with an uplifting and meaningful gesture. And so, in collaboration with Rock Posters, Australia’s largest street poster network, he designed an etching of two albatross birds lovingly touching beaks and united by the words LOVE, HOPE, TRUST. Luccio turned the artwork into large-scale screen-printed posters and pasted them on walls around Melbourne, and made a series of postcards. Visit Luccio’s website for his offering of free postcards, or to purchase a poster, and find out where you can watch him in conversation with radio broadcaster Kickarts.

Marco Luccio, The Albatross Project, 2020. Courtesy the artist