my parents met at the fish market by Jason Phu

my parents met at the fish market
Jason Phu
West Space

Front and back bi-folds reveal Jason Phu’s floor-plan for his exhibition at West Space in 2017 (re-staged for ACE Open in 2018) as well as a ‘to-do’ list. They frame this small paper title with an irreverence that belies the cumulative intellectual processes (of both memory and make-believe) and clever materiality for which the artist is known. Inside we find family anecdotes, photos, Haiku and images of his installation. As Mikala Tai writes ‘Phu inhabits the space between the everyday and the artistic, collapsing their distinctions… investigations of the act of storytelling.’ Playing on the artist’s mix of narrative and experience, Tai recalls time spent with Phu and suggests his installations are portals.