Savina Hopkins: Close Quarters

Salvina Hopkins salvages discarded objects and uses their broken histories as a springboard for exploration into the physical qualities of found objects and the ideas that are embedded in or extruded from them.

In this new body of work, she has used old card and paper file tags discarded by government departments due to their non-archival status. The tags come from naval department files from the 1930s and 40s, when paper was considered precious and the tags themselves were recycled from society’s ephemera – maps, theatre ticket stubs, racing cards and cigarette packs. Through collecting and re-configuring, Hopkins once again recycles these objects in her work. As she gathers, arranges and assembles these elements in an artwork, the seemingly insignificant has its meaning re-valued and re-interpreted.

Rubicon ARI
13 to 30 November, 2013

Slow Wake, 2013, collage on paper, 51cm x 51cm
Courtesy the artist