TILT: A Retrospective 2008-2018

‘Tilt’ is an annual exhibition program developed in support of local art practice, inquiry and arts practitioners. Each year one artist is invited to create a new body of work in response to the Point Heathcote/Kooyagoordup site in Perth, with its many-layered history. Olga Circonis, Caitlin Yardley, Paul Caporn, Tom Muller, Eva Fernandez, Holly Story, Merrick Beylea, Andy Quilty, Jon Tarry and Sandra Hill have all grasped the history of this land, tilting it this way and that, to find a different perspective to explore – from love, loss and hidden memory to the difficult aspects of pre-colonisation and first contact.

Olga Circonis, in my mind, rocking horse, blanket, speakers, sensors and amp, from the ‘Cover-up’ Tilt exhibition 2008

Heathcote Museum and Gallery
1 December, 2018 to 20 January, 2019
Western Australia