Traversed Differences

Through performance, portraiture and representation, Lisa Myeong-Joo, Natalie Tso, Tanaporn Norsrida, and Jana Ortanez – artists of mixed Asian heritage living in Australia, focus on the body as a contested site to consider alternative ways of thinking about self-representation, personal history and cultural hybridity. In each artist’s work, identity, experience, or memory leave a trace on the body; on the skin and face, in gesture and movement, understood through language and felt deep in the bones. The physical experience draws us together as humans irrespective of cultural differences.

Jana Ortanez, Interrogation of Self, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 81 × 101cm. Courtesy the artist and ANCA Gallery, Australian Capital Territory

ANCA Gallery
6 to 24 October 2021
Australian Capital Territory