Adelaide Festival 2021

The 36th Adelaide Festival presents a program like no other in 2021, pulled together by Artistic Directors Rachel Healy and Neil Armfield through a year of mayhem. The festivities include 70 events, 10 world and 14 Australian premieres, and 18 events exclusive to Adelaide. Theatre, music, opera, dance, film, food and visual art unfold across both physical and live-streamed encounters, from 26 February to 14 March.

Highlights include: the Australian Dance Theatre’s ‘Supernature’. ‘Tremble, Tremble’, a film, sound, light, sculpture and performance-based installation by Ireland’s Jesse Jones and Olwen Fouéré. Taloi Havini’s video-tryptic ‘Tsomi-wan-bel’, referencing acknowledgment and reconciliation with footage of young men participating in traditional Bougainville victim-offender mediation. Artist Yhonnie Scarce and fellow artist and writer Lisa Radford explore the implications of the Maralinga blast in ‘The image is not nothing’.

The Australian Dance Theatre, South Australia, Supernature. Photograph: Sam Roberts. Courtesy Adelaide Festival, South Australia