Brooke Holm: Mineral Matter

After relocating to New York, Australian artist Brooke Holm has come home to Melbourne for her second solo show, ‘Mineral Matter’ at Modern Times.

The artist, who has received worldwide attention for her landscape photographs, will be presenting a series of works picturing Iceland’s river deltas, with a specific focus on the movement of minerals through streams and rivers merging into the sea. Holm has moved on from interrogating the human impact on the landscape, which was the prime focus of her previous bodies of work and press.

Instead, ‘Mineral Matter’ uses ‘man’ as a small motif within a larger narrative that represents the energy and strength of the natural world, which diverges and moves in ways that create landscapes where humans can reside. This is seen through the ‘relics’ of human existence in the works, such as footprints and vehicle tracks that seem to fade away, allowing space for the ocean and natural environment to exude its full power.

Brooke Holm, Mineral Matter VI. Courtesy the artist and Modern Times, Melbourne

The artist uses a birds-eye perspective to abstract the environment into light, color, lines and reflection. Her eye is attracted to beautiful earth tones, where the rich blues, copper, dark grey and black shades transform the waterline into a futuristic oasis. Holm’s colour palette is derived from the beds of volcanic ash, sediment and colourful minerals that are swept away in the water and create a wonderful mesh of metallic light.

Brooke Holm, Mineral Matter I. Courtesy the artist and Modern Times, Melbourne

Modern Times
21 September to 5 October, 2017