Chinese Whispers and Other Stories

This group exhibition brings together four Chinese female emerging interstate photo-based artists Pia Johnson, Tammy Law, Janelle Low and Siying Zhou. The aim of the exhibition is to tackle the complex and shifting nature of cultural difference, identity and migrant stories in ‘multicultural’ Australia. The photographic media works negotiate notions of identity, racial discrimination and stereotyping, as well as reimagining the spaces we live in, what makes cultural differences and how it contributes to the narrative of a wider Australian identity.

Exhibition curator and artist Pia Johnson says, “the idea for this group exhibition has developed from my personal experience of being cultural different, and finding a community of other artists who share my concerns in their work too.”

Siying Zhou, Our first Lamington made in Australia (detail), 2015, Single-channel HD video, duration: 75mins

Public program: Sunday 21 May, 2pm
In conversation event with Pia Johnson, Siying Zhou and Mikala Tai, Director of 4A Centre of Contemporary Asian Art. Exploring Chinese-Australian contemporary art and the female perspective.

27 April to 21 May, 2017
Australian Capital Territory