Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2015

Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair 2015

The ‘Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair’ (DAAF) returns for it’s ninth year, featuring the work of some 2000 Indigenous Artists. The event showcases the work of emerging and established Aboriginal artists represented by more than 50 Indigenous art centres from across the Top End.

DAAF Foundation chair Franchesca Cubillo said this year’s event would be one third larger than 2014 – which set a record for attendance and sales, with over 5000 people attending the event and generating more than 1.6 million dollars for Aboriginal communities.

“This year’s event will showcase the raw and peerless beauty of artwork created by the oldest living culture in the world,” says Cubillo. “It’s all about discovery – visitors can meet and purchase from recognised artists, as well as experience the excitement of unearthing emerging talent.”

The Fair promotes a range of styles, mediums and products available including: paintings on canvas, bark paintings, works on paper including limited edition prints, sculpture, didgeridoos, fibre art and cultural regalia. These will be on display and being created on site at a series of public demonstrations. There will also be daily three-hour workshops at 10am and 1pm and entertainment and cultural dances daily at 12.30pm.

Fair organiser Claire Summers says one of the Fair’s strengths and uniqueness is that it “directly supports our Indigenous people by showcasing the work of artists represented by Art Centres, which generate external revenue for our increasingly under-threat remote communities”.

The Fair provides an opportunity for arts industry buyers, enthusiasts, and the general public alike to purchase art directly from Indigenous owned and incorporated art centres, and learn about the rich cultural diversity that exists in Australia.

Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair
7 to 9 August, 2015
Northern Territory

Susie Nangala Lane, Ikuntji Artists, 2015
Courtesy the artist and Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair