Future Feminist Archive – LIVE In Wollongong!

Curated by Jo Holder and Catriona Moore, this project marks the 40th anniversary of Wollongong’s first International Women’s Day in 1979, paying homage to those who were there, either participating in protest down Crown Street or on the sidelines.

‘Future Feminist Archive’ recognises Feminism as a major art movement, curatorial method and a driving force for change seen in Illawarra’s community history in the context of equality and women’s right to work struggles, with contemporary feminist themes and hashtag activism of #MeToo and #Resist.

Photograph: Illawarra Mercury, 8 March 1979. Courtesy Wollongong Local Studies Library and Wollongong Art Gallery, New South Wales

Wollongong Art Gallery
Until 2 June, 2019
New South Wales