Liveworks Festival 2019 | Eleven days of experimental art

Performance Space has selected outstanding experimental work from across the Asia-Pacific to be shared at Sydney’s Carriageworks this month. Kicking off on 17 October, audiences are invited to enjoy performances, installations, parties, workshops and conversations over 11 days. Two themes co-exist, ‘Feminist Sound’ and ‘Culture Disruptors’. Amongst the huge list of experiences we will name a few; Betty Grumble’s ‘The Unshame Machine’ is a bodily becoming performance, ‘A continuous self-vibrating region of intensities’ by Gail Priest and Thomas Burless creates a conduit for human voices to manifest in an enchanting display of visual patterns and effects and Vicki Van Hout negotiates expression with art, dance and comedy revealing the parts of Indigenous art-making that usually remain behind the scenes.

Betty Grumble, The Unshame Machine, 2019. Photograph: Sean Breadsell. Courtesy the artist and Performance Space, Sydney