Luke Shelley: Artefact

Like an amateur naturalist, Shelley records and interprets the effects of time, elements, the alchemy of found objects and seasonal changes. His works reflect this inquisitive and passionate research and express his sense of discovery through museum-like studies of actual specimens (human artefacts, flora, and fauna) collected in various locations. His core inspiration stemmed from his familiarity with the marine environment and expanded into experiencing diverse landscapes.

Through his latest body of work, Luke studies man-made found objects retrieved from beaches. He composes his concepts of the ‘artefacts of modern life’ and invites the viewer to engage in thoughts of the human impact on the environment.

Noella Lopez Gallery

Ocean Artefact (Bottle Study 1), Artefact Series, watercolour, natural stain, charcoal on 150gsm Arches watercolour paper, 46 x 41cm
Courtesy the artist and Noella Lopez Gallery