NGV Collection three-part floral video series


Presented in partnership with Flowers Vasette, The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) has launched a new three-part instructional video series inspiring audiences to create at-home floral arrangements including Japanese ikebana and Australian native-inspired compositions.

Featuring works drawn from the NGV Collection spanning several centuries, the series will explore the stories behind some of the NGV’s most significant floral-inspired works by international and local artists. Curators will give insights into works by artists including Tawaraya Sōtatsu, Margaret Preston, Rosslynd Piggott and Trevor Nickolls.

Episode 1: Japanese Ikebana Arrangements, Friday 12 June at 2pm
The first how-to episode is inspired by Japanese ikebana, the traditional Japanese art of floral arrangement. This episode takes inspiration from the NGV Collection work Flowering plants of the four seasons (c.1630-1640), a six-panel Japanese folding screen by the studio of Tawaraya Sōtatsu. Assistant Curator of Asian Art, Annika Aitken will give viewers an insight into the history behind the work and the extraordinary depictions of ikebana featured on this impressive six-panel screen. Hokuto Takase from Flowers Vasette demonstrates how to create ikebana, inspired by Sōtatsu’s work to create a floral arrangement using flowers from all four seasons.

Episode 2: Native Australian Florals, Friday 19 June at 2pm
With a focus on Australian native florals, Curator of Australian Painting Beckett Rozentals explores renowned Australian artist, Margaret Preston’s much-loved painting, Flannel flowers (1938). In this episode we are also joined by Curator of Indigenous Art, Myles Russell-Cook, who explores indigenous artist Trevor Nickolls’ work Still life Venetian vase created in 1990. Russell-Cook explores Nickolls contemporary practice and his unique style, through this captivating painting.  Sonya Wilson from Flowers Vasette demonstrates two ways viewers at home can create simple yet striking arrangements using seasonal Australian native florals, inspired by the works of Preston and Nickolls from the NGV Collection.

Episode 3: Garden Arrangements, Friday 26 June at 2pm
Joined by special guest and renowned Australian artist Rosslynd Piggott, this episode focuses on Piggott’s work Unfolding flower-cloud space no. 2 (2005-2006) and the ways in which this work is inspired by Japanese cherry blossom. Collaboratively, Rosslynd Piggott and Hokuto Takase from Flowers Vasette take inspiration from the large-scale painting, the pair will arrange florals inspired by Piggott’s work and her ongoing fascination with flowers. Curator of Contemporary Art, Jane Devery will share with audiences the themes and inspirations behind Piggott’s work and its importance in Australian art. 

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