Paddington Art Prize 2016 winners

Now in its 13th year, the Paddington Art Prize is a $25,000 national acquisitive prize for a painting inspired by the Australian landscape, a significant contemporary genre with a long tradition in Australian painting as a key contributor to our national ethos, and is a positive initiative in private patronage of the arts in Australia.

The 2016 winners are:

Paddington Art Prize:
Rodney Pople, Girt By Sea 2, oil on linen, 102 x 148cm

Ridney Pople, Girt By Sea 2

UNSW Print Prize:
Jo Bertini, Groundwater Gum, oil on board, 153cm diameter

Jo Bertini, Groundwater Gum

Honourable Mention:
Paul Ryan, Landscape, spring sprung, oil on linen, 153 x 168cm

Paul Ryan, Landscape, spring sprung

Highly Commended:
Belem Lett, Dorrigo, 2016, oil on aluminium composite panel

Belem Lett, Dorrigo

Young Artist Award:
Genevieve Felix Reynolds, A platform for optimal viewing, acrylic on canvas, 86 x 122cm

Genevieve Felix Reynolds

Sofala Cottage Prize:
What, Silver birch 5, oil on linen, 84 x 84cm

What, Silver birch 5

This national art prize is open to Australian citizens and residents of 12 months or more who are over the age of eighteen. The prize has been developed to push through existing barriers caused by monetary difficulties that impede artists from showcasing their works. The prize also aims to discover new talents and invigorate the art market with iconic styles that reflect the topography and spirit of Australia. Each year Australian artists are brought to prominence by the judges selections. Careers are fostered and this is the intention of The Prize.

All the finalist’s paintings are for sale during the exhibition which runs for 10 days. To purchase a painting by a finalist is to invest not only in the career of the artist but also supports the Prize.