recess presents

From digital to physical space, and back again; ‘recess presents’ was to be shown in the ACE Open gallery, forming a dedicated investigation of experimental video in a physical space. Now, in what curator Olivia Koh calls a circular turn, the exhibition can be seen online. Each week, a new video screen will appear, streaming for two weeks only; ‘As one work is phased out another appears, so that the sequenced works inform each other like a string of sentences, or a body spinning in the landscape.’

James Nguyen, The Magic Pudding/Bánh Thần (still), 2019. Courtesy the artists: James Nguyen, Nguyễn Thị Kim Dung and Nguyễn Thị Kim Nhung, and ACE Open, South Australia

Paul Maheke, Tout en sollicitant le soleil (cupola 1/2), 2012, single channel digital video. Performer: Francis Beaumont Deslauriers. Courtesy the artist and ACE Open

ACE Open
8 May to 17 July 2020
South Australia