Piers Greville: Tipping Point

Piers Greville employs traditional methods of oil painting to recreate digital images of rippling semi-aerial views akin to what you might see on Google maps. Grids floating above his mountains echo the crosshair fiducial markers of the images taken on the Apollo missions; capturing the topography of unfamiliar terrain to emphasise our dislocated relationship to the environment, while the seamlessly interwoven tapestry of ranges resists borders and fence lines. Additional works include anthropomorphic tree trunks, with titles referencing Greek mythology, a Goya painting and, interestingly, a Charlie’s Angel.

Piers Greville, Rearview Paradise (Just Kids), 2020, oil on canvas, diptych, 88 x 118cm overall. Courtesy the artist and Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney

Dominik Mersch Gallery
Until 7 June 2020