Return Flight MEL>HKG

Return Flight MEL>HKG
Edited by Magenta Sheridan and Renata Carli
Going Down Swinging

‘Return Flight MEL>HKG’ is the third and final leg of a three-year international project of cross-disciplinary exchange, exhibition, and publication. This printed edition documents the blind collaborative process between 20 artists and writers from Melbourne and Hong Kong.

With the alignment of text stretching from left to right, inverted aeroplane images and airport terminology, the reader is transported from location to location, and back again. Each work, individually and as a pair, respond to the theme ‘away’; ‘about journey, but also something about being still’, says curator Elizaveta Maltseva as paintings, photographs and drawings, along with their poetic interpretations explore identity, interpersonal relationships, place, displacement, distance and belonging.

‘Away and present at the same time, this year’s commissioned artworks and writings have been gentle doodles and firm strokes that explore and articulate what it means to be human at this time and place,’ continues Maltseva. This round-trip also provides ‘inflight entertainment’ with interview transcripts giving insight into each creative process as well as Blender Studios founder and artist Adrian Doyle’s essay underlining the importance of a collaborative and shared art community, specifically the Melbourne art scene, and a collage of automatic writings and expository fragments by Dr Linda Chui-han Lai piecing together ‘singular moments’ and likening the exchange of image-making and writing to Deleuze’s ‘fold(s)’ of space, movement and time: infinite unfolding and refolding.