Stop Peeping

Using video installation, sculpture, photography and animation, five Asian and Australian artists – Wong Ping (HK), the late Ren Hang (1987-2017) (CHN), Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (KR), Miao Ying (CHN) and Jason Phu (AUS) – explore the power of ‘baring all’ – candidly presenting the human body and combining intimate, everyday experiences with elements of fantasy; sex, love and desire. These works are playful and provocative in their otherwise direct attempt to address the realities of personal freedom pinned against the cultural censorship and repression of the Asia-Pacific region.

Ren Hang, 2015, C-print photograph © Ren Hang. Courtesy Eli Klein Gallery, New York and Cement Fondu, Sydney

Cement Fondu
Until 12 May, 2019