Curated by Eliza Burke, ‘Systematic’ showcases a group of Australian artists who engage with the creative potential of systems to critique, re-imagine or re-invent their workings. Across sculpture, installation, photography, generative animation, painting and assemblage, these methodical pieces reflect on human and non-human relationships through the material dynamics of engineered connections and intricate componentry. Concepts of organisation, inter-relatedness and connectivity are explored through technology and iterative processes, manipulation of materials and forms of perception, and ecological and political histories of ‘the system’.

Ian Burns, Circle, 2016, fans, latex gloves, table, air, timing system, 165 x 160 x 160cm. Courtesy the artist, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, and Plimsoll Gallery, Tasmania

Plimsoll Gallery
8 September to 14 October, 2018