Talia Smith and Zainab Hikmet: And They All Say Your Name

Talia Smith and Zainab Hikmet unite in this exhibition, in which their time-based practices explore the feeling of longing for a moment or place. Both artists create personal works that reference the past, present and possible future, with ‘light’ as a guiding medium and emblem because of its potential to convey fleeting energy. The temporal quality of light is the cornerstone of this show which stages ‘oppositional structures to meet; the passing of time and memory, the spaces between, and the growing distance naturally created between people.’

Zainab Hikmet, Drink Deep, 2018, cyanotype on watercolour paper, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist and BLINDSIDE, Melbourne

Talia Smith, A breath, a moment (detail), 2017, Cyanotype on fabric, 51 x 49cm. Courtesy the artist and BLINDSIDE, Melbourne

3 to 20 October, 2018