THIS THAT AND THE OTHER, showing at Sheffer gallery until July 28, presents work in response to a specific methodology: ‘triangulation in experimental praxis’. Curated by Mike Barnard, it features work by Bernardo Bento, Bettina Bruder, Sophie Clague, Dominique Hindmarsh, Catherine Kennedy, Virginia Mawer, Susannah Thorne, Tony Wild, Mike Barnard, and Freya Zinovieff.

“Employed widely in the sciences, the method for determining the position of a fixed point via its relationship to two or more other points – a process known as triangulation – has been recast as a potentially productive tool in the arts. If triangulation can be used as a method to get us to a fixed point, could it not also be used to guide us to a point whose position is not fixed?” – Mike Barnard, 2012

The exhibition showcases a refreshingly varied collection of works, from drawings of church dust, prints on post-it notes for viewers to take, and an installation that invites the audience to create their own work in dialogue with the artist’s. The concept of triangulation is evident in different ways throughout the creation and output of the works, re-framing it according to alternative, artistic agendas. In some cases the audience is invited into the process, by contributing or taking away elements of the work to vary the end result, and in others, the materials speak of melding opposite forces to reveal new meaning. THIS THAT AND THE OTHER is an inventive, varied, and ambitious show that explores a challenging concept in succinct and fascinating ways.

Sheffer Gallery, Sydney
To July 28 

THIS THAT AND THE OTHER, opening night

Dominique Hindmarsh, Take Me, 2012, Laser print on post it and for sale stars, dimensions variable. Viewers are invited to take an individual post it.

Bernardo Bento, Time Travel Machine, 2012, Gesso and acrylic on found painting, found laser print toners wrapped on canvas, network cable, flash drive, heat transfer print on canvas, found bucket and plant, approx. 200 x 200 x 50cm.