Tom Malone Prize

The annual acquisitive Tom Malone Prize, Australia’s richest award for glassmaking, is celebrating a twenty-year milestone with an exhibition of fifteen 2022 finalist works on view alongside each winning work from the Prize’s past nineteen presentations.

The showcase highlights the beauty and versatility of glass as a sculptural medium and shines a light on the technical and innovative skills of artists working in the field; moving from the dark humour of Tom Moore to the calmly meditative work of Jessica Loughlin, the playful spirit of Nick Mount, and the precarious theatre of Gabriella Bisetto.

Emma Varga, Forces of nature: Rage #5 & Revival #6, 2021, glass, pate de verre elements, blown cylinder, constructed objects, Rage #5: 60.5 × 18 × 18cm; Revival #6: 62 × 11 × 12cm. Courtesy the artist and Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth

Art Gallery of Western Australia
3 June to 31 July 2022

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