2017 Paddington Art Prize finalists announced

Now in its 14th year, the Paddington Art Prize is a $25,000 national acquisitive prize for a painting inspired by the Australian landscape, a significant contemporary genre with a long tradition in Australian painting as a key contributor to our national ethos, and is a positive initiative in private patronage of the arts in Australia.

A $5,000 non-acquisitive young artist’s prize for artists aged 18 to 30, is offered again this year. In addition, UNSW Art & Design will offer a selected artist the opportunity to create a limited edition print and a $2,000 prize will be presented to the Honourable Mention recipient. The Highly Commended recipient will receive a $1,000 gift certificate from the Sydney Art Store, while the People’s Choice Award winner will receive a $1,000 gift certificate sponsored by Charvin Oils and a 1-week retreat at Sofala Cottage.

Yvonne Boag, Day and Night, acrylic on canvas, 162 x 130cm

The 2017 Paddington Art Prize finalists are; Tim Allen, Suzanne Archer, Jo Bertini, Yvonne Boag, John Bokor, Matthew Bromhead, Tom Carment, Catherine Cassidy, Claire Cavanna, Gary Christian, Dino Consalvo, Lottie Consalvo, Jo Davenport, J Valenzuela Didi, James Drinkwater, Lorraine Droga, Heather Egan, Eva Hampel, Geoff Harvey, David Hawkes, Belynda Henry, Sam Holt, Pamela Honeyfield, Todd Hunter, Susan Jacobsen, Dinah Johanson, Alan Jones, Jason Jowett, Michelle Kirk, Graham Kuo, Peter Lankas, Janice Liley, Genevieve Kemarr Loy, Laura Matthews, Paul Miller, Stephanie Monteith, Justine Muller, Niahjuella, Wayde Owen, John Petrie, Charmaine Pike, Marisa Purcell, Ben Rak, John Reid, Jennifer Riddle, Peter Sharp, Tony Sowersby, James Stephenson, Peter Stevens, Margaret Ellen Turner, Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty, Emma Walker, Greg Warburton and Anthony White.

This year’s judging panel includes; Arts scholar Nick Vickers, artist Ann Thomson, and Edmund Capon OBE.

A finalists’ exhibition will be held at 111-113 Queen Street, Woollahra, Sydney, from 12 to 22 October 2017. Opening night takes place on Thursday 12 October, 6-8pm.

The Paddington Art Prize was established in 2014 by Marlene Antico OAM in order to assist with the monetary difficulties that often impede artists from showcasing their works. As an art student, gallery owner and volunteer guide at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for over 10 years, she has underscored her commitment to supporting contemporary Australian artists, aware, of the financial concerns that prevent many artists from devoting themselves entirely to their art practice – “I sincerely hope that the prize money will enable artists to focus more solidly on their work and pursue their careers”, Marlene explains.