Alone, Together

Bringing together a selection of portraits from both the Gippsland Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Victoria collections, ‘Alone, Together’ represents a selection of activities performed during isolation, delivering a snapshot into two major art collections and connecting our current experiences with art of the past. From these 24 artworks, you can see a selection of figures creating their own artworks, men and women bathing, children with toys and books, musicians contemplating their instruments, people spending time with pets, depictions of taking (socially distant) walks and an overwhelming selection of people staring pensively into the distance.

Jeff Carter, Boy Reading on Couch (from the series Kilmany Park Boys Home, 1958, reprinted 2000),1958, Gelatin silver print, 25.5 x 25.2cm (image). Collection Gippsland Art Gallery. Purchased, 2001

Now that our world is slowly starting to reopen, it is important to be able to reflect on our experiences and to find comfort in what is familiar and that which we can share with others. This is where art can step in and help us understand and describe what we are feeling. Art can bring comfort; it can remind us of memories and experiences beyond our homes.

A curatorial essay and children’s activities can be found on the Gippsland Art Gallery website.

Shane Jones, Untitled #77, 2000, oil on canvas, 167.5 x 152cm. Collection Gippsland Art Gallery. Donated by the artist through the Australian Government Cultural Gifts Program, 2008

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