Camie Lyons: A physical response

Sydney-based artist Camie Lyons works across a variety of mediums including sculpture, painting and drawing. Her work is fluid and physical, playing with the balance and tension between positive and negative space in both her two and three-dimensional works. Drawing upon her intuition and experience as a contemporary dancer, Lyons’ practice explores organic possibilities of line, form and movement.

Camie Lyons, Enviable attributes, 2017, bronze free pour with light gold patina, 26 x 74 x 19cm

In 2018, Lyons participated in the Hill End Artists in Residence Program. An in-depth creative experience and physical exploration of her creative process which allowed complete immersion into her practice. She found herself free to experiment with found and natural objects; clay, branches, sticks, stones and coloured ochres. The result is a collection of works that connect to the natural world and acknowledge the history and psyche of Hill End.

Camie Lyons with Impromptu making, 2019, steel with red patina, open edition, patina variable, 184 x 160 x 178cm

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Exhibition current through the month of June 2020