Chippendale Contemporary | A 4-day arts precinct festival

Presented by Nanda\Hobbs and Galerie pompom, Chippendale Contemporary is a four-day festival from 10 to 13 September that celebrates and promotes the contemporary art scene of this central Sydney precinct. From artist talks to artist walks, there’s something for everyone.

Courtesy Galerie pompom, Sydney

Chippendale Contemporary’s opening night is on Thursday 10 September from 6-8pm. Hosted by both galleries, this ticketed event will also be an opportunity to view Nanda\Hobbs’ ‘Spring Collectors Show’ and Galerie pompom’s exhibition of Vivian Cooper Smith’s ‘Actions for a Luminous World’ and Caz Haswell’s ‘Mother Tongue’.

Additional festival highlights include ‘Collectors Panel – How do we Collect Contemporary Art?’ at Galerie pompom with collectors Jane Pochon, John Molloy and Sophia de Mestre who will discuss the art market, investing and how to spot emerging artists. And, ‘Artist Panel – Artists Collecting Art’ at Nanda\Hobbs with artists Jonathan Dalton, Floria Tosca and Caz Hazwell will explore how they view and choose to collect from friends, contemporaries and how they go about acquiring art.

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