CIAF 2020 | The Cultural Evolution

In a first for the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF), the dynamic program championing Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture will be delivered entirely online. Jania Hading, Artistic Director of CIAF, stated that the 2020 Fair is much more than a series of events that can be embraced, engaged with and enjoyed online, but at a profound level is a reflection of First Peoples’ resilience and survival skills.

Photograph: Pormpuraaw Arts & Cultural Centre. Courtesy Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF)

From 14 to 23 August, the digital translation of the event program of ‘CIAF 2020 – The Cultural Evolution’ will be transported across the globe. Bookended by opening and closing ceremonies, the 10-day event program will include virtual gallery exhibitions: ‘Climate Change Themed Art Fair’ and ‘Under Currents – Cook 2020’, live-streamed performances, webinars, weaving workshops, community spotlights, conversations and presentations. Harding explained, ‘For Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, CIAF plays an integral role in cultural sharing, understanding and in particular, artists’ social, emotional and economic welfare.’