2020 Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair goes online


The Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (DAAF) goes online, providing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and a broader Australian and international audience with a new ‘virtual fair’, digital events and programming through which to connect, from 6 to 14 August. Online exhibition portals enable more than 50 Art Centres to showcase and sell their artists’ work. At the same time, the public program comprises cultural performances, workshops and demonstrations, Indigenous food experiences, panel discussions, lunchtime music gigs and a children’s collaborative art project hosted on the DAAF website and social platforms. Six online sessions via the ‘Cultural Keepers Program’ will bring together Indigenous curators, senior Art Centre staff and special guests from international Indigenous Nations, to facilitate an exchange of stories and a ‘behind the scenes’ look into the world of arts workers and curators. Don’t forget to turn on your TV sets or open your laptops to watch the Inaugural National Indigenous Fashion Awards ceremony, broadcast live. More details, conveniently, online.