Dan Elborne: Permanence

‘Permanence’ by ceramicist Dan Elborne is made up of objects constructed primarily from the bi-product of a recent long-term body of work titled Deathgate, a memorial to the victims of Auschwitz concentration camps during WWII. Elborne collected clay particles, fragments and damaged shards from the kiln firings for 1.3 million pieces, which form the latter, repurposing these ‘leftovers’ into solidified sculptural columns – an amalgam of history, experience, memory and recollection, these enduring objects combine to claim what remains: a symbol of resilience, strength and continuity.

Dan Elborne, Permanence, 2019, installation view Rosalie Gallery, Queensland Reproduced by kind permission. Photograph: Kirsty Lee. Courtesy the artist and Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Queensland

Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery
6 July to 11 August 2019