Di Holdsworth: Circus

Di Holdsworth’s new assemblages explore themes of the circus, bringing to life vintage toys and marionettes by automating them with old music-box mechanisms. The works are constructed in old boxes and tins and are reminiscent of carnival automata and arcade games from the past.

Holdsworth juxtaposes notions of fear, danger, desire and sexuality, against innocence, whimsy and wonder. Combining circus characters with those from myths, fairytales and popular culture, the cast in these assemblages includes clowns, aerialists, circus animals, mermaids, Icarus, Little Red Riding Hood, a princess, Superman and the Devil.

Damien Minton Gallery
October 2 to 20, 2012

Greatest Show on Earth, 2011, music box assemblage, 56 x 36 x 22cm
Courtesy the artist and Damien Minton Gallery

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