Dress Me Featherless: The Philippines and the Post-Colonial

The Philippines is a place of rich ethnicities where the people have tenaciously struggled for some 380 years against colonial tyranny and neocolonial occupation. ‘Dress Me Featherless’ addresses this diversity and history in the contemporary postcolonial present through new work by 4 early-career artists who are either from the Philippines or who have ongoing ties with the country.

Through sculpture, film, and installation, the artists seek to challenge status quos and stereotypes concerning identity – national and individual. The exhibition is curated by Fremantle (WA)-based Fiona Gavino as an outcome of her 2014 Asialink residency in Manila. Artists include Shinya Akutagawa, Lyra Garcellano, Mark Salvatus and Mark Valenzuela.

Northern Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA)
27 June to 25 July, 2015
Northern Territory

Mark Valenzuela, 32 eggs, 2015, stoneware with under glaze, dimensions variable
Courtesy the artist and Northern Centre for Contemporary Art