Edward Woodley wins the 2019 Stencil Art Prize with ‘Eternal Spirit ­ 2’

Sydney artist Edward Woodley has won the ‘2019 Stencil Art Prize’ with his artwork Eternal Spirit ­ 2; stencilled enamel paint on brass sheeting which was then hand bent and distorted, to add a three dimensional quality.

Eternal Spirit ­ 2 was adapted from a larger artwork into a one panel format and exhibited in the Stencil Art Prize as a new and standalone artwork.


Edward Woodley, Eternal Spirit 2

‘It’s having a conversation with street art in a way we haven’t seen before. It almost feels like it could have been pulled off the side of a train, it literally reflects stencil art and gives reference to tagging, and graffiti through its use of typography,’ commented the judges.

Founder and Owner of the Stencil Art Prize, Jacinta Fintan describes the artwork as ‘mesmerising’ and ‘exciting’. ‘This year marks the 10th Stencil Art Prize and Edward Woodley’s artwork has pushed the boundaries of what people in the stencil community have typically accepted as stencil art.’

Woodley often explores ‘popular culture’; and utilises a diverse range of multi-media to portray these themes. His past installations have employed the usage of; painting, stencilling, printing (silk-screen and digital), photography, sculpture, video, and endurance performance. Currently, Woodley draws inspiration from the modern American painters such as Ed Ruscha, Robert Rauschenberg; and his work closely inspects the architecture of typography, and explores Itten’s theory of composite colours.

Highly Commended:
MEZK (Mexico), The Son of Graffiti
Flox (NZ), Fantastical Fantails
Moz (Italy), Mind Freeing