Fiona Hall: Who goes here?

Fiona Hall delves into our colonial past to reexamine and understand the present. Commissioned by Sydney Living Museums, ‘Who goes here?’ comprises over 300 painted totems profiling the stories and identities of past residents and workers of Sydney’s Hyde Park Barracks from 1819 to 1887: the convicts, immigrants and asylum inmates, and the officials who controlled their lives; and includes the distance travelled from their ‘home’ calculated with the aid of meticulous colonial recordkeeping and modern GPS technology.

Each post in the ‘forest of signs’ will occupy the building’s courtyard from 3 April to 30 May, complemented by a series of talks and drop-in activities designed by Hall to explore related themes, which will be held on weekends and during the school holidays.

Fiona Hall, Who goes here? (detail), 2021. Photograph: © Joshua Morris for Sydney Living Museums. Artwork: © Fiona Hall. Courtesy the artist and Sydney Living Museums