International Small Tapestry Awards

The finalists along with the winners of the Kate Derum Award for Small Tapestries – Annika Ekdahl (Sweden) and the Irene Davies Emerging Artist Award for Small Tapestries – Constanza Guerrero (Chile), are on display in this exhibition of contemporary hand-woven tapestries. The ‘International Small Tapestry Awards’ demonstrate the extraordinary skill of national and international artists in the art of weft-faced weaving, whereby all of the warp and weft threads interlace to create the fabric of the unique textile-based art form.

Constanza Guerrero, Portrait of a strange, 2018, embroidery thread, cotton, 18 x 13.5cm. Winner Irene Davies Emerging Artist Award for Small Tapestries, 2019. Courtesy the artist and Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne

Australian Tapestry Workshop
Until 13 September 2019