Jacky Redgate: Light Throw (Mirrors) Fold #1–10

Jacky Redgate has worked with mirrors for over two decades in an ongoing investigation of light and space. This exhibition presents the photographic series Light Throw (Mirrors) Fold #1–10 (2014-15) for the first time in its entirety. In making this, Redgate used a white symmetrical hinged panel that unfolds progressively outward to the camera lens, according to the Fibonacci sequence, revealing a gleaming riot of stripy red-and-white and blue-and-white zigzag shapes. The artist describes herself as an ‘absent presence’ in the work.

Jacky Redgate, Light Throw (Mirrors) Fold #1 of 10, 2014-15, installation view. Photograph: Latrobe Regional Gallery 2018. Courtesy the artist and Latrobe Regional Gallery, Victoria

Latrobe Regional Gallery
Until 20 May, 2018