Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri: Defying Convention

The late Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri was a self-taught artist with a remarkable approach to painting; her compositions directed colour and form in experimental ways. She was raised in Central Australia, dividing her time between Hermannsburg and Papunya, Napaltjarri. Whilst her paternal Grandfather and artist Billy Stockman, a founding member of the Papunya Tula art movement, focused on relaying his experience of Country and dreaming, Napaltjarri was less driven by this tradition, and said of her practice ‘I paint from inside, how I’m feeling.’

Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri (c.1980-2009), My Country, 2009, acrylic on linen, 90 x 89cm. Courtesy Mitchell Fine Art, Queensland

Mitchell Fine Art
29 April to 6 June 2020