Katherine Kovacic: Painting in the Shadows

Katherine Kovacic
Painting in the Shadows
Echo Publishing

Veterinarian turned art historian now author, Katherine Kovacic reads like a character in a crime-fiction novel herself. Indeed, she samples from a unique palette to enliven the sometimes-predictable genre using the Australian art world as a ground. In this second book, following on from ‘The Portrait of Molly Dean’, which riffed on 1930s history, she continues the friendship of a trio of characters (despite living in the noughties) with more contemporaneous cues; art dealer Alex Clayton, conservator John Porter and Irish wolfhound, Hogarth. The Melbourne International Museum of Art, a nod to the National Gallery of Victoria, is the stage for the next in the series of ‘an Alex Clayton art mystery’ that mixes fraud, careerism and murder.