Kylie Stillman: The Perversity of Purpose

This exhibition sees an evolution of Stillman’s sculptural practice, which for the past ten years has involved repurposing domestic and commercial items to create objects and installations. Paperback books and fence palings are transformed, with each sheet of paper painstakingly carved with a scalpel to create forms that emerge into space.

Stillman says these works depict “the basic structural elements and gestures that make things – the stroke that makes a painting, the scribble that makes a pen work, the notation that makes writing, the intertwining of wool that makes a garment, the weave of fibres that make furnishings, the twiggy stem that supports grapes.”

Utopia Art Sydney
3 to 31 August, 2013

The Scribble, 2013, hand-cut paperback books, 21 x 23 x 14cm
Image courtesy the artist and Utopia Art Sydney