Sculpture 2013: A group exhibition

Curated by Megan Dick, ‘Sculpture 2013’ is the second of an annual exhibition showcasing sculptors whose work is accessible by the gallery off-site and in larger scale. The practices and methodologies behind the selected works are broad ranging. A variety of mediums, the diverse exhibition presents sculpture made from wood, marble and various forms of metal, manifested into forms limited only by the sculptor’s imagination.

Featured in the exhibition are works by members of Sculpture by the Sea’s Decade Club, Stephen King, Philip Spelman, Keizo Ushio and Koichi Ishino, Stephen Marr, Louisa Dawson, Mitsuo Takechi, Al Phemister, Blaze Krstanoski-Blazeksi, Dion Horstmans, John Brooke, Peter Hjort, Morgan Shimeld and Michael Le Grand.

Until 25 August, 2013

Michael LeGrand, Python, 2009, painted steel, 54 x 60 x 32cm
Courtesy the artist and MiCK the Gallery