Laurence Edwards: Evolution & Exploration: Part of the Landscape

Working with clay, soil, bark, scrub and string cast in bronze, Laurence Edwards explores the visceral connections between humanity and the landscape. Edwards first learnt the alchemy of bronze casting from the street furnaces of Northern India. Today, his sculptures are still cast by him and his team, often through self-invented techniques that destroy the chance for replication. ‘Evolution & Exploration’ presents the artist’s characteristic bronzes emblemising the physicality of the human body and its tangible affiliations with the earth.

Laurence Edwards, Creek Man Maquette, bronze, edition 4 of 15, 34 x 15 x 9cm. Courtesy the artist, Defiance Gallery, Sydney, and Messums Wiltshire, UK

Defiance Gallery at Mary Place
15 April to 6 May, 2018