Martumili Artists and Spinifex Hill Artists: Pujiman

Martumili and Spinifex artists unite across two West Australian Aboriginal art centres for the sharing of knowledge between senior and younger pujiman practitioners. With a common vision to engage and empower young people from the Newman, Port Hedland and Eastern Pilbara region through art making, the groups worked on a two-year project resulting in an exhibition encompassing various artistic practices including animation, filmmaking, photography, drawing and acrylic painting. This coming together nourishes culture and keeps Ancestral knowledge and storytelling strong.

Doreen Chapman in the artist Camp in Punmu, 2017. Photograph: Greg Taylor. Courtesy the artist and Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery, Western Australia

Mulyatingki Marney makes the first marks on her collaborative pain ting with sister May Maywokka Chapman, Punmu, 2017. Photograph: Greg Taylor

Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery
Until 28 April, 2018
Western Australia