Luke Shelley: Vessels Series

Like an amateur naturalist, Shelley records and interprets the effects of time, elements, the alchemy of found objects and seasonal changes. Like a decommissioned international fleet left to rust in the dry dock, each object in the ‘Vessel Series’ has its own individual story.

Items of varied forms, creators and origin, all objects have finished their journey and have laid to rest in the same place, partly buried in the mud of Caroline Bay. Descriptive of their form, their nature and their story, the physicality of some of these found objects such as a glass jar, a shark egg case or a seedpod are vessels for the artist’s imagination.

Noella Lopez Gallery
Through June, 2015

Can Study, drawing – watercolour pigment, charcoal pencil, mixed media on organic material stained 300gsm Watercolour Paper, 28.5 x 25cm
Courtesy the artist and Noella Lopez Gallery