MAF 2012 | James Makin Gallery

James Makin Gallery, at stand A58, is featuring Martin King, Adam Nudelman and Eolo Paul Bottaro.

With a focus on painting and drawing at this years Melbourne Art Fair, it was nice to come across a beautiful and captivating video work. Martin King investigates the aesthetic and emotional experience of the natural world, depicting the rhythmic pattern of a bird’s flight with hand drawn charcoal animation. The bird becomes a motif in his current series, pointing to the elemental cycles of nature – night/day, rain/drought, and the turning of the tides.

Nudelman’s paintings combine densely rendered landscapes with graphic architectural structures. The structures, painted as empty steel forms, float on the horizon, and the intriguing combination of these two spaces create a tension between nature and modernity.

Bottaro’s large scale painting is the centre point of the space, his dramatic narrative painting featuring mythological themes played out in contemporary life. The intensity of colour and detail in the work creates an intriguing style and fascinating narrative, including references to urban contexts, which can be read in a number of ways.

Also be sure to check out the impressive selection of stock room works James Makin Gallery has to offer.