Material Place: Reconsidering Australian Landscape

How do we see, feel and represent the land? Artists respond by being in commune with the earth, experiencing it from a zoomed out perspective be that in Google maps or on an intellectual or spiritual plane, as well as through First Nations’ intergenerational relationships to Country. When thinking about the materiality and aesthetic of the Australian landscape we are introduced to inextricable issues such as land rights and environmental degradation. A group show curated by Ellie Buttrose.

Nicholas Mangan, Termite Economies (detail), 2018, 3D printed plaster, dirt, synthetic polymer paint, plywood, painted mild steel, fluorescent bay lights, archival and recorded footage, monitors, four channel surround sound of termite warning signals. Photograph: Andrew Curtis. Courtesy the artist, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne and UNSW Galleries, Sydney

UNSW Galleries
Until 7 September 2019