Kate Dorrough: The Lyrical River

Kate Dorrough has created new works in response to the ecological and spiritual importance of the Manning River. In this process she has extended the boundaries of her practice using new mediums such as combining concrete-based sculpture with ceramic forms overlaid with video projections and textile made from fabric and paper. Installed amongst four rooms and a corridor the pieces are an ode to the natural site which itself is comprised of a unique double delta system, islands, tributaries, catchment areas and two entrances.

Kate Dorrough, Painting: Running River, 2019, acrylic on linen, 152 x 168cm Sculptures; Landforms and rocks, 2019, cement, foam, ceramic shards, shells, left to right 93 x 58 x 57cm, 30 x 34 x 32cm, 72 x 97 x 63cm, 42 x 36 x 30cm. Courtesy the artist and Manning Regional Art Gallery, New South Wales

Manning Regional Art Gallery
25 July to 1 September 2019
New South Wales