Michael Cook: Livin’ the dream

Michael Cook’s photographs explore the continued effects and ongoing aftermath of colonisation and cultural marginalisation. In his new series ‘Livin’ the dream’, six photographs depict an Aboriginal nuclear family headed by “Joey Jones”, transplanted into a remote outback community in the 1960s, into a world of “white Australian ideals” – real estate, a luxury EH Holden, Victor mowers, swimming pools, smart clothes and the weekend bbq. However, with contrasting images of stick shelters and windowless shacks, Cook exposes inequity.

Michael Cook, Livin’ the dream (For sale), 2020, inkjet print, edition 6, 120 x 180cm; or edition 10, 80 x 120cm. Courtesy the artist, Andrew Baker Fine Art, Queensland and THIS IS NO FANTASY, Melbourne

Michael Cook, Livin’ the dream (Welcome home), 2020, inkjet print, 120 x 180cm edition of 6, or 80 x 120cm edition of 10. Courtesy the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer


9 April to 30 May 2020 (and online)

Andrew Baker Fine Art
15 April to 6 June 2020 (and online)