Miriam Innes: Grandiose, Paris!

Miriam Innes is known for her charcoal drawings and large-scale installations of hyper-realistic sprawling streetscapes. By removing the noise and visual assaults of the city, Innes focuses on meditative linear details – the crisp lines of the pavement, the geometry of windows in sequence, and fire escapes zigzagging across a façade.

In ‘Grandiose, Paris!’, Innes sets her sights on the city of Paris, exploring the architecture and life of the French capital through a series of large-scale hyper-realistic charcoal on paper works and her small, framed petites.

Miriam Innes, Deux (detail), 2021, charcoal and graphite on synthetic paper, 203 × 65cm. Courtesy the artist and MAY SPACE, Sydney

“Paris was a city I held in high regard when I travelled there from Dublin on a €20 airline ticket to visit the ‘City of Light’ and the ‘City of Love’ in my early twenties.

Reflecting on our current travel outlook, it seems almost surreal to consider how simple such an adventure was then and how it has altered in current times, two decades on.’
— Miriam Innes

1 to 30 September 2021