Patricia Perez Eustaquio: Everywhere West, Everything East

Manila-based artist Patricia Perez Eustaquio’s studies into migrations and transformations in the status and identity of objects are reflected in the title of this exhibition, ‘Everywhere West, Everything East’. Referencing the Age of Exploration, her new works highlight the repercussion for colonialism, trade and modern consumerism; material consumption and how globalisation has shaped our knowledge and perception of domestic and familiar items. Woven fabric and paint swirls are abstracted into an expansive map to navigate us through the histories and exploitation of these anthropomorphic ‘totems’.

Patricia Perez Eustaquio, Figure Babel (Everywhere, Everything) 1, 2019, mixed media, 100 x 40 x 40cm. Courtesy the artist and Yavuz Gallery, Sydney

Yavuz Gallery
Until 19 December 2019