Paul White: Time Travels

Paul White’s latest body of work examines an ongoing interest in machinery combined with the idea of the figure in the landscape: the situation of human and mechanical presence in the environment. His work revolves around an interest in technology, landscape and time, manifested in his obsessive rendering of obsolescent vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, and caravans.

The works in ‘Time Travels’ are influenced by White’s recent journeys through ‘The American badlands’ and the landscape of thousands of miles of desert littered with wrecked or abandoned motor homes and freight trains in various states. He also draws inspiration from photographs from his childhood family photo albums.

White uses pencil on paper to generate intensely intricate and deeply considered images juxtaposed with the negative space of a stark white background. In these compositions, objects and figures appear both floating and grounded at the same time.

MiCK Gallery
29 October to 24 November, 2013

Flight of the Time Bandit, 2013, pencil on paper, 23.5 x 28.5cm
Courtesy the artist MiCK Gallery, Sydney