Shadow catchers

Shadows, mirrors and body doubles are the central motifs under investigation in ‘Shadow catchers’ an exhibition which explores how photography and the moving image can distort our understanding of the world around us.

A photograph reflects and preserves what we see, yet the replicated image isn’t always an exact translation, it may bend the truth towards illusion or abstraction creating a new impression of the reality.

Through photographs that use the mirror as a means of duplication and distortion, groups that operate as pictorial echoes, studies of split selves, and tributes to the looped structure of cinematic time, this exhibition contends with the complexity of the photographic and filmic mediums and the way images both reflect and refract reality. Presented as part of AGNSW Contemporary Collection Project / 5.

Max Dupain, Untitled (Women silhouettes and trees), c.1930. Art Gallery of New South Wales Gift of Edron Pty Ltd – 1995 through the auspices of Alistair McAlpine. Photograph: Art Gallery of New South Wales, and Ray Woodbury Courtesy Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

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